Web Strategies & Operations 

The Arkansas Tech University digital campus (Tech Web) consists of the main university website, Ozark campus site, Athletics site, Arkansas Tech News, a mobile application, blogs, faculty sites, student organization sites, CEON, the university calendar, and more.

The Tech Web exists to support the strategic goals of the institution by facilitating transparency, access to resources, and internal/external marketing efforts.


Web Operations & Strategies works to continuously elevate the Arkansas Tech University brand and ensure stakeholder satisfaction. This is done through several methods:

  • Ensuring that Web sites are constructed meeting Tech standards as applied to Web accessibility requirements thus fully supporting the brand positioning and goals for Arkansas Tech University.

  • Ensuring that proper coding standards are enforced for development work and that web sites constructed meeting Tech standards as applied to Web accessibility requirements.

  • Originating new content and repurposing existing content by utilizing University templates, standards and compliant code.

  • Leading the full lifecycle of web site and web application development to ensure robust use of best-in-class methodology and tools, including information architecture, navigation schemas, content management and search engine optimization. Communicating and coordinating plans, risks, and status to clients and supporting IT functions.

  • Managing cooperative relationships across business functions with respect to systems, projects, processes, teams and external partners.

  • Building and maintaining robust Web Strategy roadmap supporting student recruitment, servicing and student success by researching emerging technologies, competitive analysis, defining, and developing initiatives to support entire lifecycle thus providing internal scalability and organization.