College of Arts & Humanities

Arts and Humanities is the largest college in the University, offering 23 degrees through 6 different departments. The College has 90 full-time faculty who teach the bulk of all general education as well as degree courses. Teaching certification for secondary school is offered through our various degree programs.

The College of Arts and Humanities faculty is dedicated to teaching and concerned with developing student academic skills throughout the student's academic career at the University. Within the chosen degree structure, students are given the opportunity to develop good working relationships with individual faculty and to improve their knowledge, analytical skills, and creative presentation.

Departments also offer supplementary career development through student clubs and honor societies. Arts and Humanities faculty are also involved in professional organizations and research within their disciplines.

Please contact Dr. Jeff Woods, Dean if you have questions regarding the College of Arts and Humanities.


Through its numerous degree programs and the University's general education curriculum, the College of Arts and Humanities provides students with a special kind of knowledge. This knowledge, foundational to the study of the liberal arts, promotes in our graduates a habit of life-long learning and furthers their civic responsibility, prudence, moderation, and love of freedom.

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