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What is the Bachelor of Professional Studies major?

This program is designed to expand career opportunities for those in need of a degree for employment or career promotion by offering a program of study that can meet a variety of professional development and career enhancement needs. The curriculum offers concentrations in areas of Interdisciplinary Studies, Agricultural Business, Applied Leadership, Criminal Justice, Child Development, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Workforce Technology and Public Relations. 

Students can earn Credit for Prior Learning through the Prior Learning Assessment process. This is one of the major advantages of the Bachelor of Professional Studies, awarding qualified students up to 12 hours of academic credit for documented prior learning in specific content areas. The PLA is conducted through a portfolio process with guidance and direction from Professional Studies faculty. 

What will I learn in this program?

  • Public presentation and written communication skills
  • Research and problem solving strategies
  • Leadership in professional environments                                                                                                       Complete list of Student Learning Objectives

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What employment opportunities might be available after graduation with this major?

Positions vary within industries based on the areas of concentration and prior work experience of students in this program. Graduates are equipped to apply for any position that require a baccalaureate degree alongside their skill set.

Where can I get more information about the Professional Studies major?

For more information about the Professional Studies major and requirements please call 479-968-0318 or send an email to Laura Palmer at Program specifics are listed within the Arkansas Tech University catalog