Bachelor of Science Business Education

Do you want to make a difference? Are you a role model? Do you have great interpersonal skills? Can you communicate effectively? Do you enjoy working with others? Are you a problem solver? Do you have a desire to succeed in the business world of today and tomorrow or encourage others toward a career in business?

If you find yourself answering yes to most or all of the preceding questions, you owe it to yourself to look at the Business Education program at Arkansas Tech University.

Success in the global economy of today and tomorrow will be realized by individuals, teams, and organizations who know how to learn and who understand, anticipate, and proactively respond to change. By continuously learning and delivering the knowledge, skills, and abilities required by emerging business leaders such as yourself, the Business Education program at Arkansas Tech University is a solid investment in your future. You will be able to mold and guide others to develop their skills and work collaboratively.

The Business Education program is designed to provide graduates with marketable skills. The program is application-oriented and interdisciplinary. Cases and team projects involving actual businesses are integrated throughout the curriculum. Opportunities to observe in classrooms with certified teachers and complete an internship program will assist in your preparation for a professional career as a teacher.

The knowledge, skills, and abilities that you will develop in the Business Education program at Arkansas Tech University include:
  1. A strong understanding of general education requirements.
  2. A strong understanding of the business education core.
  3. Knowledge of the school, adolescents, and the teaching-learning process.