Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology is basic for many employment opportunities. However, professional career options require further study through the Masters or Ph.D. level.

With This Degree, There Are Various Career Opportunities, Such As:

Human Resources Mgt
Educational Psychology
Public Service
Professional Practice
Mental Health

Rehabilitation Science

The Arkansas Tech Rehabilitation Program was the first undergraduate rehabilitation program offered by a university in Arkansas, and is the only program in the state admitted to membership in the Undergraduate Registry of the Council on Rehabilitation Education. As a member of the Registry the program is one of only 22 programs in the United States that have been admitted to Registry membership. Read additional information on the Rehabilitation Program.


The sociology curriculum is designed to prepare students for employment in a range of careers or for advanced study in sociology, law, criminology, criminal justice, counseling, or other related fields. Sociology prepares majors to deal with the constant social change that is today's world. In addition to understanding the organization of social groups and the human behaviors that comprise everyday social life, sociologists remain an important contributor to the collection of data pertaining to these levels of human behavior. The undergraduate sociology major learns to identify problems, formulate appropriate questions, search for answers, analyze data, organize information, and express themselves both verbally and in writing. The undergraduate major provides a strong liberal arts degree for entry-level positions throughout the business, social service, and government worlds.


The Anthropology curriculum concentrates on the areas of cultural anthropology. Within this subdivision, the emphasis concerns historic and contemporary cultures (ethnography) and prehistoric cultures (archeology).

The Russellville Stations of the Arkansas Archeological Survey is located on the Arkansas Tech University campus and offers traditional opportunities in the state for students interested in archeology. In addition, the Tech Museum of Prehistory and History is located at Tech and houses a large collection of artifacts from Ozark National Forest.

Criminal Justice

The criminal justice minor is designed to prepare students for a career in the field of criminal justice, e.g. police work, probation/parole or corrections. In addition, the criminal justice minor is provided for students whose major department requires a minor.

The Criminal Justice minor provides a background for students interested in a career in the field of criminal justice or a related area. Federal law enforcement, state and local police work, probation and parole (juvenile and adult), and corrections are all criminal justice careers. For the student interested in a criminal justice career, a major in Sociology, Psychology, or Rehabilitation Science will enhance their credentials for employment in the expanding criminal justice arena.